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a lot has happened in the last years. sparifankal disbanded in sommer 05. but somehow it comes back now resurrected as

sparifankal 2

a spontaneous freak group starting in september 2009.

                                                                                             foto: marion weber

sparifankal 2

wuide wachl had to stop it's activities after the summer 09. no harsh feelings implied. but there were simply too few places to play this kind of music.
what we did i'd like to call "bavarican primitive music" on a personally and musically loose level. it was a lot of fun ! thanks to ulrich bassenge, georg karger, schorsch hampel, pit holzapfel, juliane gredmaier, stefan liedtke, evi krinner, andi sturm, san2, rainer woeffler, hans o. graf and katz & olli from aggressive noise, to name but a few... sparifankal 2 now is also playing that kind of stuff in a slightly different way. we had our second "unplugged" gig at altes gefaengnis, freising. our friend, young poet richard lorenz read a short story and we played some of the new songs (some of the old ones, too). our friend emir recorded us many times. just go to youTube...

in october 10th 09 sparifankal 2 played a wild electric gig at glockenbachwerkstatt. in december 10th 09 we played "unplugged" at stani's "fish'n'blues special".

since then we have been playing a lot and I had more fun than in the years before.

our base at the moment is the wonderful "glockenbach werkstatt" in munich, where we play concerts and spontaneous "fish&blues"-gigs. within the next months we plan to do some recordings. i have written many new songs that are not in our live-program, so wait and listen...

in 2008 and 2010 I wrote some pieces on blues for two german publications:

a) rauhut/lorenz: ich hab den blues schon etwas laenger... 2008

b) siebers/zagratzki: das blaue wunder. blues aus deutschen landen. 2010

in june 2011 i will definitely quit working at the radio station.

but there are a lot of other projects and activities going on.

we had a lot of fun at Berg near Starnberger See, where we organized what you

could call a "swim-in", satirizing the offizial festivities on behalf the mad king of

Bavaria, Ludwig II, who drowned there. you may look at a short video at


i hopefully did not get lost in the translation of  "Ancient Gonzo Wisdom" by Hunter S. Thompson for tiamat, Berlin. a selection of his interviews is published as: "Kingdom of Gonzo"

good news for all fans of sparifankal. all our albums are or will be digitally re-worked and published by our friend Friedel Muders/ FUEGO.


Friedel will also publish some of my out-of-print-books, starting with "ein walross

macht noch keinen spätherbst" (first published 1970).


the next one is "red power" about the american indian movement after wounded knee, written 1973. it is out now and available. soon coming: blues with an updated new chapter.

since all my other books are out of print now, some of them will be published as e-books soon.

i also expect a book from italy (english version) about german "krautrock", featuring some commentary on sparifankal.

2012 was a busy year. we played a lot of free local gigs, very much like in the
70ies. By the way, in 2013 there will be an exhibition about social movements
and youth subcultures in Munich. Sparifankal 2 played the opening show on
thursday, 02.21.13.

My latest literary work is to be found in Elke Heidenreich (ed.): Katzenmusik und Katerstimmung.
This is an anthology of stories about cats and music. Available also as ebook.

Some of my poems will also be published in 2 forthcoming anthologies of
bavarian poetry.

In february 2013 my bavarian blues lyrics were published: bluus. bairisch
at scaneg publishing.

May 2013: gaudiblatt #15 is out. September 2013: gaudiblatt # 16. #17 will be a special editon: 5 years of
gaudiblatt !

And there is GAUDIWELLE now, a bimonthly broadcast on LORA, the munich local radio.

On may 23rd a strange musical event will happen at ampere/muffathalle in munich:


featuring Bernd Witthueser alias Barnelli, Peter Frohmader & Nekropolis, Ziguri from Berlin, Lothar Meid & Deutsch Nepal and Sparifankal 2.

the secret heroes of krautrock still going strong.

i very much would have liked to include Julius Schittenhelm, but:

Our friend, mentor and active participant in the founding of Sparifankal in
1972, Julius Schittenhelm, died on 10.28.12. Christian Burchard of Embryo
wrote these lines of memory:

Julius Schittenhelm one of our most experienced masterminds passed away on 28.10.012.
Born 1926 he even had been severely wounded 44 in worldwar as a so called child soldier. He started making music in Munich`s bohemia scene of the 50 ies, playing jazzguitar in various groups. Christian Burchard met him around 1967 in the Song Parnasse where also Peter Michael Hamel was performing. There he was singing his own songs which thrilled everybody, a mixture of dadaistic philosophie and views on the reality. When Embryo was founded in 69 he was there with his guitar and adding his lyrics to the first sessions the band did. He also made the soundman for our debutalbum Opal (as he did for other Krautrock LPs for the legendary Ohr label). Middle of the 70 ies he was one of the main forces of the reknowned April / Schneeball label that made so much good music possible. Same time the Umsonst & Draussen festivals in Porto / Vlotho started, that became so big (more then 100 000 people) that it had to be stopped. He was a big part in the 3 opera productions of the Schneeball groups that toured till the 80 ies.
In the last years, beside learning how to play piano, he wrote about his rich life and since 2012 his biography " ich bin kein volk" is available: Books on Demand
ISBN 978-3-8482-0629-2, Paperback, 288 Seiten
There are many great albums of his works some & Embryo musicians, all on the Schneeballlabel, for more info see: http://www.julius-schittenhelm.de

we will never forget him, wherever he may be...


a long time ago in a galaxy far far away....

Michaela Dietl, accordionist extraordinaire, has recorded two of my songs. they appear on her album of 2006: Die Bairischen (Bavarian Songs). composer Michael Bauer (did some music for "2046" of Wong Kar Wai and works with cabaret group "Unterland") set some of  my early bavarian poems to music. 3 of them are included in Unterland's Album:

Unterland: "O'gricht is!" 2004.

very talented austrian singer angelika steinbach-ditsch covered one of my early poems "xangl" on her  2010 album "tram". great!

i was also honoured by the elmar raida gang, when they used some poetry of mine.

i wrote a lot of new songs. some of them are on:

Wuide Wachl: babbalababb (2007).

MundArtAgeh 307.0046.2

(sold out) download available at


there is one track of Wuide Wachl on this sampler:

roots & routes. die br-konzerte 2003. BRW 2004.

new in 2009, out of print now and still worthwile reading:

Manfred Chobot (ed.): Genie & Arschlodh

has 2 articles of Monika Dimpfl and me
about Karl Valentin and Arno Schmidt.

in march 2010 we did a reading at club voltaire, theater im fraunhofer, munich.

also in 2009:

a yearbook for book collectors "imprimatur" published an article about Friedrich Schiller's "Geisterseher" and his literary followers and exploiters.

in march 2009 i did 2 lectures on the
bavarian revolution of 1918, one at club voltaire
and the other one in the nearby werkstatt-kino

in april i met folk singer Bucky Halker, who was
visiting Munich and we had a nice radio show

in the beautiful month of may Monika & me visited our wonderful friend and anthropolgista extraordinaire Heidrun Friese, who does a lot of research on migration issues on and off Lampedusa. we had a little feast with some of her friends. very nice!

Florence was great, as always. last time, in autumn 2008, Andrew Benjamin, the architectural philosopher and scholar from Australia took me for a walk through many churches and gave me a privatissimum on the renaissance and on the origins of perspective in particular. later i started to read his very interesting work: architectural philosophy. this time I also visited (again) the famous temple of slow food near the pittoresque market-place, il teatro del sale. 


while Monika & me were walking around florence's boulevards, we saw this at Tiffany's:

maybe we have won already? lov'n'paece, brs.&sisters!! probably the only thing we have to watch in the future is our weight.

from june 25. to 29. 09 i went to Berlin, mainly to the old Babylon cinema, which hosts the oldest cinematic organ in europe. i was on 2 panels concerning the question: What makes music laugh? 

in Berlin I went to the funeral of my late friend Uli Trepte.
i met some friends and visited  dieter jüdt  (left with documentary moviel maker don mcglynn at Babylon cinema).

Dieter is working on a graphic novel about Capt. Beefheart.
a very interesting project. publishers watch out! 

later in juli geoff muldaur visited munich again and we had a good time together.

some people invented a new magzine for specific munich issues, called gaudiblatt.
we have now produced 11 issues, the latest about reclaiming the town, not only the streets, for the people. there are way too many banks and insurance companies and
other people-unfriendly activities, especially a lot of gentrification and speculation against those who are not investment bankers. this has to stop immediately!
therefore we endorse all progressive social movents like occupy, attac etc.
gaudiblatt is given away for free with a strong anticapitalistic and anarchistic attitude. have a look at


# 4 was a special children's issue. on sunday, january 3rd 2010 there will be a promotion-party at werkstatt-kino munich. i will play a few songs.

in september 2009 I went to the yearly Lahnstein-Blues-Festival to hear good music and meet a lot of friends. there were two guys from berlin, who told me that they were regularly listeners of my radio-program "blues-session". they had tested the air waves and liked it most of all. so when i traveled to berlin to do an interview with
johanna zeul and her label-partner martingo i suggested that we all should meet at the pub called "ä". this we did. johanna played her gig, we were talking a lot. it was fun. a few days before i had visited the very nice jazz club in hannover, to meet
geoff muldaur and jim kweskin at their gig. it was kind of a surprise for geoff to see me there. soon we were sitting together and talking and exchanging information as if we were in some munich beergarden. jim is a very nice person and to experience the two of them playing together after so many years was a cosmic event. sorry  for everyone who missed it.

in late 2009 and early 2010 some bad things happened - some friends and relatives
died and there seems no end to that right now.... except from being absorbed by
those tragic events I continued to play music with Sparifankal 2. there is some stuff to see and hear at you tube from our live-gigs in munich.  we are also looking
forward to record some of the new songs soon. meanwhile we have those lovely
"fish&blues"-wednesdays at glockenbach-werkstatt. beginning in october we will have a small series of gigs with poet richard lorenz (www.sparifankalzwoa.de)
i also continued to work with comic-artist dieter juedt and did my regaular radio-shows.

brüderlichkeit & schwesterlichkeit & ewige blumenkraft (adam weishaupt to hagbard celine, september 2009)

some books we wrote:

Monika Dimpfl: Karl Valentin. dtv premium.

"alles schien moeglich..." Der gruene Zweig 252.
Ed. Werner Pieper.

this volume contains reports of the lives and times
of 60 people during and after the 60ies.

finally in 2008:

FOLK. Geschichte und Geschichten. dtv premium. OUT OF PRINT

Sorry Devendra, they made you a girl! I'm innocent.
Told them not to use a spell checking program....-)

Florian Fricke published a small history of munich based underground music: Muenchen rockt - die wilde Zeit an der Isar. it has a chapter about my activities then.

in december 2008 bavarian public tv alpha gave me 45 minutes of biographical story-telling. thanx.

after my very small first contribution to the german version of a Linklater movie now there is now another participation in Munich's punk-documentary "mia san dageng" (we're against it), initiated by katz& olli (see above).

the fine people at hinterzimmer in Nürnberg documented a wuide wachl concert with special guest San 2 on DVD.

some time ago:

my first theatrical play was favourably mentioned in " Theater Heute's" best of list in 2003:

Ingolstadt zum Beispiel: Franz und Frieda suchen ihr Glueck.
premiere: may, 09.03. at werkstattbuehne ingolstadt

please listen also to:

h.kapfer, w. hoerner (ed.):
alles lalula. 2003.
a spoken word anthology on cd.
contains some of my early sound poetry in the bavarian vernacular.


Asterix Muenchnerisch Oans: Ozabfd is!
(with Udo Wachtveitl)

Asterix Muenchnerisch Zwoa: Da Subbnkessl
(with Udo Wachtveitl again)

Asterix bairisch 3: Graffd wead!

Geschichte und Geschichten.
dtv premium. cd included. 2nd Ed. OUT OF PRINT.

some other publications are:

Lieber keinen Kompass als einen falschen.
A1 Verlag. Munich. 1997

First biography of writer Max Mohr, little known german friend
and medical doctor of D.H. Lawrence.

By Carl Amery, CLR. et aliis... Buchner Verlag. Munich. 1994
also in French: La Bavière. 1997

Bob Marley.
Biography by Chris Salewicz. Translated by CLR. W. Heyne. Munich. 1995

Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now.
Translated by Fritz Schneider and CLR.
Rowohlt. Hamburg. 1998. rororo Paperback 2000.

anti. a r.w. fassbinder - portrait
(included on fassbinder-radioplay-cd) hoerverlag. Munich 1995

A tribute to Rolf Schwendter.
Foreword by CLR. medienexperimente w. pieper.

sorry, not available anymore:

Marieluise Fleisser. dtv portrait.

Frank Zappa. dtv portrait.

Die Ducks. Psychogramm einer Sippe. rororo 1481.

Vine Deloria, jr.: Nur Staemme werden ueberleben.
(New Turf, new tribes) Translated by Claus Biegert and CLR. lamuv-Verlag.



wuide wachl babbalababb  2007

sparifankal bayern-rock / sparifankal huraxdax drudnhax.

both albums have a lot of bonus-trax from the archives.

sparifankal had a new album "dahoam is wo andas" in  2004.
It is not available any more.

sparifankal was also on the album:
25 years of trikont-us.

sparifankal and dullijoeh had some air play in California
due to the efforts of wunderful david cotner... great!
after all these years..


der klang der fruehen jahre. das beste von kuckuck schallplatten 1970-1973.
liner notes by CLR. distribution by ohrwaschl.

ein komet ist ein schmutziger schneeball,
a 2 cd-schneeball-compilation

containing music from 1976 to 1997.
149 minutes of glorious german independent rock history.

out now:

aufbrueche. die umsonst und draussen festivals 1975 -1978.


recommended reading:

steven & alan freeman: the crack in the cosmic egg.
encyclopedia of krautrock, kosmische musik and other progressive,
experimental & electronic musics from germany.
ISBN 0 9525060X , GB 1996.


dass ich nicht lache. kleine chronologie des deutschsprachigen humors. 2004. three parts. part one was performed by jutta schmuttermaier and myself.

nachts. wach.1996. based on: nachtwachen von bonaventura.1815.
featuring actors, singers and musicians superbes
ute wassermann, christian brueckner and mic oechsner.

Weidle Verlag re-issued:

O.A.H.Schmitz: Buergerliche Bohéme a.ka. Wenn wir Frauen erwachen...

this was the second book about the famous countess Reventlow,  who lived in a kind of commune with Franz Hessel and young Schmitz, who also was a member of the George-Kreis.

Foreword by Monika Dimpfl and CLR deciphers the real people behind the masks.

highly recommended reading:

Monika Dimpfl: Karl Valentin.
dtv premium. the definitive biography on this famous bavarian comedian.

Monika Dimpfl: Immer veraenderlich. Liesl Karlstadt (1892-1960).
A1 Verlag / mon / Akzente 1996 ISBN 3-927743-23-2

the first biography on Karl Valentin's female partner.

c u !

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